Working together…

Whether you are looking to relocate, renovate, expand or simply update your space, we provide services tailored to your specific goals.  Regardless of size, budget or complexity, our services are designed to help you achieve measurable results.

Workspace Strategies

Understanding how your office environment impacts your organization is critical to your overall success.  Is your workspace helping you achieve your goals…or is it hindering you?  The goal of a Workspace Strategy is to arm you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions regarding your facilities.  It will provide guidelines and specific recommendations to align your workspace with your business goals and corporate culture.

  • Exploration and Discovery.  Through interviews with management and other key personnel obtain a thorough understanding of your business goals and corporate culture.
  • Programming.  Gather, analyze and document basic statistical information such as head counts, meeting requirements, storage needs, etc. to establish baseline information.
  • Communication Analysis.  Assess your organization’s formal and informal communication processes.    Identify barriers and opportunities to enhance decision-making, teamwork, innovation and learning.
  • Workflow Analysis.  Conduct space utilization and workflow studies, document critical relationships and determine the ideal placement of people and teams.
  • Technology Assessment.  Review how technology is affecting your operations and communications.  Analyze how technology can be used to reduce square footage, enhance communication and flexibility.
  • Analysis and Reporting.  Provide specific recommendations on how to improve your workspace to support your business plan.
  • Building Consensus. By involving key staff and management we build consensus and excitement for change and smooth transitions.

Branded Environments

Does your workspace reflect your image, values and culture?  What does a prospective customer or employee think when they walk through the door?  Intentionally or not, your workspace is a powerful indicator of your brand.  That’s why it’s important to ask, is your space right for your culture?

  • Experience Design.  Beyond simple aesthetics, a branded environment designs the experience your employees, clients and visitors have with your company.
  • Corporate Culture.  Based on a thorough understanding of your corporate culture  a space will be designed which is a powerful physical representation of your your goals and values.
  • Spend Wisely. You’re going to spend money on office space and furniture, anyway.  Spend it wisely  and make a huge impact.

Project Management and Implementation

A strategic plan is only as good as its implementation.  You need a well-connected expert to see it through.

  • Total Project Management.  Manage the entire process from concept through construction, keeping you involved and informed while freeing you to concentrate on your daily business activities.
  • Assembling the Right Team.  A team of real estate brokers, architects, contractors, consultants and vendors will be assembled, as needed,  to implement your strategy.
  • Budgeting and Scheduling.  Budgets and schedules will be developed and monitored throughout the project.
  • Change Management.  By involving your staff in the process, we achieve buy-in, build consensus and ensure a smooth transition to your new work environment.

Space Planning

What office layouts would best achieve your business goals?  Are there innovative ways to reorganize your existing space?  Develop workspace layouts that are efficient and inherently flexible and agile.

  • Aligned Space Planning.  Detailed space plans show how your workspace can be configured to align with your business strategy.
  • Test-fits.  Test-fit plans for proposed relocation sites.  Analyze each location for efficiency and suitability.

Other Services

  • Standards Development
  • Building Repositioning
  • Construction Management
  • Alternative Work Strategies