Case Study

University of South Florida Alumni Center

Project Description

The University of South Florida Alumni Center was originally built in the early 1990’s.  As designed, it functions primarily as an office building for the Alumni staff.  While it has a lounge area, a rental hall and small static displays, the building is not welcoming or inspiring to returning alumni, prospective students or potential donors.  Recognizing that the building is insufficient to achieve their goals, the USF  Alumni Association retained Aligned Workspace to develop a Strategic Plan to align the building with their current needs and enliven the Alumni Center.

Strategic Goals

Aligned Workspace interviewed key staff, analyzed the Association’s mission and culture.  Four primary Strategic Goals were identified:

  • Welcoming–making returning alumni feel that this is their home on campus.
  • Connecting–connecting alumni to the University, the Association and each other.
  • Inspiring–bring the USF story to life and inspire alumni to get involved.
  • Communicating–sharing news and information of value to alumni

Design Solutions

More than simply a repository for heritage and tradition, the Alumni Center will focus on the University’s status as a premiere research institution and its current programs and initiatives.  The result will be a reenergized Alumni Center which encourages return visits by alumni, excites prospective students and parents about USF, informs visitors about the University’s mission and accomplishments and encourages engagement and donations.

  • Utilize and repurpose existing, yet underutilized, public spaces within the building to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Transform the center into an “Alumni House” offering hospitality to returning alumni and other visitors.  Create spaces to encourage interaction, connection, inspiration and communication.
  • Create an Interpretive Center  to bring the USF story to life.  Bold environmental graphics will be combined with large interactive touch screens enabling visitors to dive into their interests.
  • Design the Visitor Experience and organize it around eight major themes.
  • Analyze the Alumni Association’s brand,  define it’s brand personality and develop key message points to be emphasized throughout the space.

Services provided:

Aligned Workspace produced a Design Brief and conceptual images to document the Strategic Plan.  This brief is currently being used to obtain funding for the project.  It will also become the basis for specific interior and graphic design when the plan is implemented.  In addition, Aligned Workspace analyzed the Association’s  office space and developed a plan to  reorganize the workspace to foster better staff communication and collaboration.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Budgeting
  • Workspace Analysis

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