Case Study

Grow Financial-Prototype Retail Branch


Project Description:

Grow Financial is a rapidly expanding credit union based in Tampa, Florida.  Their strategic plan  targets new markets, attracts a younger demographic and evolves how they deliver services and create value for their customers.  To achieve these goals Grow engaged Aligned Workspace to create a new prototype branch design.

 Strategic Goals:

Upon analysis of Grow’s corporate culture and strategic plan three primary goals emerged:

  • Create a space which would attract a younger demographic while appealing to their existing customer base.
  • Create a space which projects a more progressive image and differentiates Grow in the marketplace.
  • Leverage technology to engage the customer and deliver traditional banking services in a less formal, more personal fashion.

 Design Solutions:

  • Standard teller lines and private offices were eliminated in favor of a Member Lounge area.
  • Cross-trained staff members interact with customers while seated in open lounge settings.
  • Large touch-screen video monitors allow customers to explore Grow’s services and products and are easily updated.
  • Transactions can be conducted using wireless tablets or at circular transaction pods.
  • Private conversations are held in enclosed meeting spaces.
  • A video-conference room allows the credit union to provide remote expertise.

Environmental Branding:

In addition to creating a new functional layout Aligned Workspace also analyzed Grow’s corporate culture and target demographics to create a design which reflects their new direction.

  • Clean lines and bright, open space and bold, movable furniture combine to create a progressive, yet friendly environment.
  • The color palette is neutral grey and white with pops of Grow’s signature green employed in furniture, graphics and LED lighting.
  • An interactive wall runs the full length of the space.  Touch screen monitors and key phrases reinforce the brand message.
  • Large environmental graphics provide the background for the enclosed, glass-fronted meeting spaces.

 Services provided:

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Environmental Branding
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Selection
  • Graphic Design

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