ALIGNED WORKSPACE  is a Workspace Consulting firm founded with the belief that Space Matters.  Based in Tampa, Florida we work with clients across the United States.  Aligning your work environment with your business strategy is critical to your success.


  • Aligns your business plan, corporate culture and workflow with your physical work environment.
  • Reflects your corporate culture and values.
  • Fosters collaboration and teamwork, eliminates barriers to communication.
  • Inspires Innovation and Creativity
  • Leverages Technology to create inherent Flexibility and Agility
  • Reduces Real Estate Expenditures
  • Increases Productivity and Employee Happiness, Enhances Recruitment and Retention
  • Business Plan + Corporate Culture + Workflow + Technology + Space = ALIGNED WORKSPACE

Examining where you work and its impact on how you work needs to be part of your business strategy.